Operational Efficiency

Feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Not getting what you expected out of your processes?

Let us help you move forward.

We will provide you with the tools you need to get the most bang for your buck and increase your bottom line.

Operations Analysis:

An in-depth analysis of your current processes to help you find more efficient methods and cost savings.

IT Solutions & Planning:

Do you find your servers crashing on a regular basis? Is your hardware outdated or obsolete? At Sephoco, we have a passion for emerging technologies that can streamline your efforts and advance your business. We will provide an analysis of your current information technology systems and offer recommendations for a new system or improvements on your current system that will better suit your needs. Unsure how to implement said new system? No problem, we’ve got you covered – we will install your new system at your convenience.

Contract Negotiation:

As a Contract Specialist for the Department of Defense, Josh Hirsh has learned a thing or two about contract negotiation. Let him help you determine the appropriate negotiation position you need to take and what methods you should employ to achieve that position.*

Market Research:

Have something you need but don’t know where to start? Whether it be goods or services, we will scour the internet and reach out to manufacturers and industry experts to find the most cost effective solutions for your business and your budget.*

Cost and Price Analysis:

About to hit checkout but don’t know if you’ve found the best deal? We will review the costs and or prices of a specific item to ensure that costs/prices paid are as low as they can be. Includes Market Research.*

Proposal Analysis:

When writing or receiving a proposal, you want no stone left unturned. We will analyze your proposal for clarity and fairness so you can be sure you aren’t missing the fine print. Includes Market Research and Cost/Price Analysis.*